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Varolmanın Dayanılmaz Hafifliği

Varolmanın Dayanılmaz Hafifliği - Milan Kundera, Fatih Özgüven Well,this is a review-like writing consist of spoilers mostly that it felt awkward to put a spoiler sign.

I've read this book like three years ago and I'm astonished to see that most things i remember was not included most comments and reviews.I think I've read it(also watched the movie) from a very different perspective that I don't even remember that what was meant by unbearable lightness of being, was it something about existentialism ?

Things first come to my mind are little idiosyncrasies of the characters; Thomas' small forbidden bed and his reluctance to sleep in a other bed and how he shared it with Tereza. In a way it was the symbol of the whole relationship between, Thomas' bed was not fit for two people, like his lifestyle and how much Thomas and Tereza tried to sleep there it gived only nightmares to her. They didn't leave the bed though, at least until the invasion, since Thomas does not sleep with in a woman's bed or changes his life for them and Tereza is determined to be with him. In turkey we have an idiom about how ones' bed gives hints about his character; it's translation roughly would be " a lion can be defined by looking where he sleeps". Maybe that fueled my imagination. In addition to these, another weirdness was Sabrina's hat which belongs to her grandfather or someone like that, a serious man, but Sabrina uses it to improve her arousal. How ironic...

Two parts occupied my mind most when i read the book. Firts the part about kitsch and how sabrina hates it. It explained why she carved for freedom and extremes, how easily she fled from the things she liked for some time and how easily she can change. Kitsch was a whole new concept for me. Second was the part where Kundere classify men who sleep with billions of woman. There are two types of them he wrote; ones who doing it for boasting and the ones doing it because of curiosity. I've hated Thomes until i read that part, but after he became the victim of his curiosity. He was sleeping with women to see the magical moment in which they stripped, and because of that most of the woman he slept was ugly unlike other womanizers'. He was what he was and he meant to stay that way. I can't say that his morales was right or he had the right to do it but at least he accepted himself in the way he is. Both Tereza and Thomas were selfish and self-destructive but at least Thomas was fine with himself. I wonder if Kunderas' classification of men were true. It seems true to me in so many ways, and for not only womanizers but also many people who goes extreme. What motivates people to go extremes most time ? I think striving for power and knowledge or both since knowledge provides power most times. A man who sleeps with lots of woman to boast about it seeks superiority or power in a way. And curiosity, seeking knowledge... It is funny to relate Thomas with legendary scientists or philosophers but you know Einstein defines himself as a passionately curious man if the quotes on internet were true.

Maybe because Kundera created the characters so real , I don't remember the gist of the novel instead I remember them, how they became themselves and their happiness, sadness and weird habits .