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Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli Hilary Kimble was right about stargirl; she can not be real.

It was just a tale about a freckled teenager, she posessed no super power but infinite goodness. She was not just unique, she would be if her distinctiveness from a normal teenager was just wearing weird clothes, going desert to medidate after school, throwing pennies to street and making tales about the people in the shopping mall; but she was more than this. She had a heart which is striving for to embrace all the people in the world. She wanted to be a cheerleader that belongs to all highschools, she would like to be a raceless person if her world included racisim, but there were only highschool bullies, peer presure and mean old people.
She was my childhood hero and she was a real hero in her world too, actually, fighted against villains such as rare ties with hedgehogs, sad birthdays, imagination lacking classess, insufficent names, and a boyfriend who wanted to change her. She kicked no ass before she left but she inspired people around her. More is the pity, same people hurt her and make her shed light, any hero can be wounded though. I must not forget her mentor, it is my weakness, i love the characters like Archie in any story. It was one of the two shortages of the book, not including more Archie. The other was not including stargirl's speech in contest. I used to wonder what she have said.